Our fearless leader!  Leslie opened Grrs ‘n’ Purrs Grooming in 1991 after relocating here from Northern California.  Although she still grooms and REALLY likes to groom cats, you will most likely see her running back and forth between Ruff ‘n It Dog Day Camp (next door) and the grooming shop.   She will tell you taking care of seven employees has turned into her full- time job.  It’s a good thing she has Danielle😊


our manager and so much more!  After 15 years at Grrs ‘n’ Purrs, there isn’t much she CAN’T do.   The best customer service person EVER.  She’s the one that will remember not just how old your pet is, but their birthday, the last time your grandmother came to visit and the fact you had foot surgery 2 months ago.  There is nobody that cares more about the clients (2 and 4 legged) than Danielle.


our lead stylist!  The kind and patient way Zella has with our geriatric and fearful clients (both dogs and cats) has made her a vital pet of your pet’s health care for the past 11 years.  She excels in “special handling” cases and is an exceptional cat groomer. She is one in a million!


our creative specialist!  With an artist’s eye, Bailey can transform your pet with balance, symmetry and a flair for color.  She also makes sure we are always exceeding the PPGSA standards of care, safety and sanitation for Pet Salons.  She is the cleaning queen!


our newest bather! She’s not afraid to get her hands (and every other part of her body) dirty to make sure your pet is squeaky clean.


our lead bather!  From minor skin issues and ear infections to finding foreign bodies, wounds and life threatening tumors, Mariah has saved many pet’s lives by noticing these issues during the bathing/drying process.  Her ability to see and feel problems with your pet all while making them beautiful, makes her an invaluable part of the team.


our lifesaving schedule coordinator!  Also known as our receptionist, Amanda keeps this place (and all of us) running efficiently.  Scheduling, reminder calls, checking customers in/out and making sure we have all the information needed to give you and your pet the most pleasant experience possible.  This frees up our groomers and bathers to do what they do best; providing the best care for your fuzzy family members.